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Bina İnşaatı, Betonarme, Donatılar, İşçiler

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which areas do you serve?

We provide economical, safe and sustainable engineering services in the fields of geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering and structural engineering.

  • Why was Dione Engineering Project Design established?

The company was established to identify common errors and problems frequently encountered in geotechnical, structural, and earthquake engineering projects applied in the construction sector, and to complete the projects in which the company is involved with economical, reliable, and sustainable engineering methods. Also, it aims to follow the developments in national and international civil engineering regulations and apply these developments in projects.

  • What should I do to work in Dione Engineering Project Design?

You can follow the vacancy announcements shared by our company on our career page on our website or social media accounts and apply for a job by following the application instructions. You can also send your resumes to our company's e-mail address for job applications.

  • What are the internship opportunities of Dione Engineering Project Design? Do you provide internship opportunities in your company?

To offer undergraduate and graduate students in the civil engineering and architecture departments of universities the opportunity to experience business life as a student, we offer part-time work in the students’ areas of interest and where they can be successful. During the internship, we aim for them to reveal their talents and gain special experience in business life with the project assignments given to them.

  • Do you have the opportunity to hold meetings and job interviews online due to the COVID-19 pandemic conditions?

Yes. Due to the pandemic conditions and workload, we have the opportunity to organize an online meeting at a suitable day and time that we will mutually agree on. We would be pleased to meet you and to organize meetings to meet and share our knowledge of engineering solutions.

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